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A Heart for Public Service

Family photograph of young Aditya Pai and his parents.


Aditya Pai is a 31-year-old Harvard-educated trial attorney, lifelong Democrat, and Orange County native with a deep-rooted passion for public service. Born to a middle-class family in Bombay, Aditya moved to Southern California at the age of 8 with his mom and dad, where their family was able to build a life that would only be possible in the United States.

Growing up in OC, Pai learned both the power of hard work and the importance of good luck. Pai’s childhood and life experience drove him to look out for the less fortunate in our community. As our next Representative, his mission is to ensure that every family in OC today has the same opportunities he had growing up here – and even better ones


Pai has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to his community by dedicating thousands of hours to civil legal aid for low-income tenants and workers, earning him both Harvard and the California Bar’s Pro Bono Service Award. Additionally, he served as a youth leader with the Orange County Red Cross for three years, earning a prestigious Disneyland Resort Scholarship for his efforts.

Pai’s ongoing service includes board and leadership roles in organizations such as Dev/Mission, Urban Land Institute - OC, and Habitat for Humanity - OC, where he serves on the Land Acquisition and Development (LAAD) Committee.

Conducting legal literacy campaigns for rural entrepreneurs in northern India as Abraham M. Chayes International Public Service Fellow, July 2015.
Speaking at Claremont McKenna College on the future of the electoral college, Oct. 2022. Photo credit: Sydney Smith IV.


Aditya Pai's training includes degrees from some of the world's most rigorous universities. A recipient of Pell Grants, National Merit, and OC Disneyland Resort Scholarships, Aditya graduated at the top of his class from Claremont McKenna College, where he served as the first immigrant student body president.

He went on to obtain a J.D. from Harvard Law School and an M.Phil. from Cambridge University in the UK. Through his scholarship, Pai gained a nuanced understanding of law, economics, and American history, preparing him to effectively bring the voices of middle class families in CA-45 to Washington.


Explore the key issues at the heart of our campaign. Aditya Pai is dedicated to building a bright future for north Orange County, Artesia, and Cerritos through affordable housing, sane and humane immigration reform, and smart economics that empowers taxpayers, workers, and small businesses – not large corporations.

Supporting Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

We tax and regulate small businesses too much, and large corporations too little - especially Wall Street and Big Tech. As a son of a small business mom, Pai is committed to changing that. He will advocate for policies in Congress that encourage local innovation, support our small business owners, and create a thriving, job-rich local economy for the next generation of OC natives like him who want to start families and raise their kids here too.

Affordable Housing and Homeownership

Homeownership is the foundation of the American Dream. But it’s harder than ever to afford a home in north Orange County – even if you have a good-paying job. As our next Representative, Pai will sponsor legislation to increase the supply and decrease the cost of housing, subsidize mortgages for first-time homebuyers, and create sustainable, thriving residential neighborhoods in CA-45.

Sane and Humane Immigration Reform

We need more legal immigration, not less. Immigrants start companies and run many of the small businesses that are pillars of our local economy. But for too long, politicians in both parties have failed to pass immigration reform to secure our border, codify DACA, and reaffirm that America is proudly a nation of immigrants. Pai will work tirelessly to change that.

Constituent Services First

With a strong background in community service and civil legal aid, Pai understands the importance of direct, 1-on-1 service to residents of CA-45. As our next representative, Pai will allocate the majority of his staff and budget to the district – not Capitol Hill – to encourage volunteerism, support local non-profits, and foster a strong sense of civic unity and community pride. Pai will be our attorney, our advocate, and our voice in government.

End Corruption in DC

Pai strongly believes public service is a calling – not a career. He will reject corporate PAC money, champion term limits, co-sponsor the TRUST Act to ban stock trading by sitting members of Congress, and advocate for a lifetime ban on lobbying by former members of Congress. Pai is running to change Washington for the better.

Protecting Women's Reproductive Health

A woman's right to choose is under attack in state legislatures across America as well as in Congress. Pai will fight to codify Roe, preserve access to birth control, and fund programs for women's reproductive health. We need a legal and political strategy to combat the erosion of rights -- and as our attorney and advocate, Pai will lead that effort.

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