End Corruption in DC

Pai: Leading the charge against D.C. corruption. Backing term limits, refusing PAC money, and ending stock trades for Congress. Join the clean-up.

When I was a young boy, moving from Bombay to Southern California, I witnessed the unparalleled opportunities America offered to those willing to work hard. But, throughout my life, I've also seen the toll corruption takes on these very opportunities. It's more than just headlines and scandals. It's about the undermining of the very values our nation stands for: opportunity, fairness, and justice.

The Problem with Politics Today

Washington today is marred by a troubling trend: the influence of big money, self-interest, and the never-ending cycle of career politicians. This has corroded the pillars of our democracy, eroding the public's trust in our elected representatives. It's evident when politicians are more beholden to their corporate donors than the very people they serve. It's evident when members of Congress trade stocks with insider knowledge, reaping personal benefits while everyday Americans struggle.

My Vision for an Unbiased Congress

Imagine a Congress where every decision is made purely in the interest of the American people. A Congress where public servants aren't bound by personal gains or corporate interests. A Congress that truly represents the spirit of service. This isn't just a dream; it's a future I firmly believe in.

  1. Taking Concrete Steps to End Corruption
  2. Reject Corporate PAC Money:
    I pledge never to accept a single dime from corporate PACs. Our campaign is, and will remain, powered by grassroots donations from people like you who believe in a brighter future for CA-45.
  3. Championing Term Limits:
    Public service should be a brief commitment to give back, not a lifetime career. By establishing term limits, we ensure fresh perspectives and ideas continually rejuvenate our democratic processes.
  4. The TRUST Act:
    It's simple; members of Congress shouldn't profit from their positions. By co-sponsoring the TRUST Act, I aim to ban stock trading by sitting members, restoring integrity to our halls of power.
  5. Lifetime Ban on Lobbying for Former Members:
    When a member's term ends, their commitment to unbiased public service shouldn't. I will advocate fiercely for a lifetime ban on lobbying by ex-members of Congress, ensuring that the spirit of public service remains untainted.

Why This Matters for CA-45

For too long, the residents of North Orange County, Artesia, and Cerritos have borne the consequences of decisions made by those with vested interests. Whether it's policies that favor large corporations over our beloved local businesses or neglect of the real issues faced by our middle-class families, the impact of DC corruption is felt right here at home.

I grew up in this district, and my life's journey has instilled in me a sense of duty to serve my neighbors, my friends, and my community. We deserve a representative who puts the people first, every time, without exception.

A Call to Stand Against Corruption Together

Join me in this critical mission. Together, let's renew the spirit of true public service in Washington, ensuring a brighter future for CA-45 and our entire nation. Your support, your voice, and your vote can pave the way for a Congress that genuinely serves the people.

Service Over Politics, Always

I'm not in this race for personal gains or political clout. I'm here to serve, to bring about the change I've wished to see throughout my life. Let's restore trust in our representatives, championing a government that works for us, the people, and not the other way around.

Let's get to work.