Sane and Humane Immigration Reform

Crafting a comprehensive immigration path. Prioritizing border security, endorsing DACA, and valuing immigrant contributions in OC.

When I was 8 years old, my parents made the courageous decision to leave behind all that was familiar in Bombay and journey to America in search of a brighter future. Southern California welcomed us with open arms, and I grew up experiencing the promise and potential this land offers. Every immigrant has a unique story, yet it's intertwined with the same American Dream. The dream of opportunity, equality, and freedom.

Understanding the Contribution of Immigrants

At the heart of our communities in CA-45, we witness daily the incredible contribution of immigrants. They're our entrepreneurs, educators, frontline workers, and neighbors. The small businesses they start and run become integral parts of our community tapestry, driving local economies and adding rich cultural flavors.

Addressing the Current Immigration Landscape

Legal Immigration – A Pillar of Growth: We need to acknowledge the economic and societal value that legal immigration brings. By creating avenues for skilled workers, innovators, and families to join our community legally, we're not only strengthening our local economy but embracing the very principles America was founded upon.

Securing Our Borders

A secure nation is paramount. But security should not come at the cost of humanity. We can employ technology, increase personnel, and reinforce infrastructure in a manner that ensures safety without compromising on human rights.

Codifying DACA

Dreamers, who came here as children, have grown up as Americans in every sense of the word. They study, work, and contribute positively to our nation. It's high time we recognize their rights and provide them with a clear path to citizenship.

Streamlining the Process

The current immigration system is mired in bureaucracy. By simplifying processes, we can ensure timely reviews and adjudications, reducing the uncertainty and wait times for applicants.

A Call for Bipartisan Collaboration

Immigration is not a partisan issue; it's an American issue. History is a testament to the benefits of immigration, and our policies should be a reflection of that. Politicians from both sides of the aisle must come together to create lasting, impactful reforms.

The Vision for CA-45 and Beyond

As I champion this cause in Congress, my commitment is twofold: To remind everyone that America's strength lies in its diversity, and to ensure that every immigrant who dreams of a better life here can do so legally, safely, and with dignity. Let's work collectively to rebuild an immigration system that resonates with the ethos of our great nation, one that's both sane and humane.

In the spirit of unity and hope,