Pai's Issues

Meaningful Change for our Community

Advocating with determination and unity to address key issues, create positive change, and build a stronger, more resilient community for every resident in CA-45.

End Corruption in DC

Pai: Leading the charge against D.C. corruption. Backing term limits, refusing PAC money, and ending stock trades for Congress. Join the clean-up.

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Affordable Housing and Homeownership

Reigniting homeownership dreams. Expanding housing supply, aiding new homeowners, and envisioning vibrant CA-45 communities.

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Support Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Strengthening small businesses. Reducing undue taxes, supporting local entrepreneurs, and ensuring OC's next generation thrives.

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Sane and Humane Immigration Reform

Crafting a comprehensive immigration path. Prioritizing border security, endorsing DACA, and valuing immigrant contributions in OC.

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Fight to Protect Reproductive Rights

Championing women's choices. Pushing for Roe codification, safeguarding birth control, and investing in robust reproductive health services.

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Service First

CA-45's dedicated community advocate. Amplifying volunteerism, backing local non-profits, and embodying the spirit of service.

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