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"I was having some issues with my mortgage company and felt I was being grossly mistreated by them. I tried writing to Congresswoman Steel over and over again, with no response at all.

Then, a team member from Pai's campaign called me asking for support. I explained my situation to this person and he told me he was going to talk to Pai for me. The next day, Pai called me himself and we spoke in detail about my situation.

With his housing law experience and genuine concern for what was happening to us, he offered support and several things I could do in order to get through what I was going through. He gave me his number and email address and sent me information and wanted me to keep him informed on our progress.

Pai's constituent service operation is excellent. Not only am I voting for him, but anyone else I can talk to will hear about my experience with Pai as well."

Dirk Sciarrotta
Brea resident and voter

"When I received Pai's mailer a few weeks ago, I called the number of his campaign hoping, but not expecting, to talk to him. I didn't know him and he didn't know me. Surprisingly, he called me back the same day and we had a very, very long conversation on domestic and international issues, and have since exchanged emails. This direct reaching out by a candidate to an unknown voter directly by phone and email is extremely rare. Most candidates don't provide any way of contacting them directly. My impression of Pai is that he is a human being passionately concerned with improving the lives of others as shown by his pro bono legal work. I believe that Pai is not a politician looking for money and power, but is looking to be in position to expand his caring and compassion to even a greater number of people. I have already voted for him, and I wish him all good fortune in the upcoming election."

David L
Educator and Garden Grove voter

"Aditya Pai is a man who serves his community with his heart. I recently needed guidance on a landlord-tenant issue, to which he graciously assisted me with resources to help guide me in the right direction. I am a mother who lost her son Ellis to gun violence, so I was encouraged by Aditya on his position against gun violence and willingness to work with Congress on gun violence prevention, so that others would not meet the same fate as that of my son. He is a man for the people!"

Giesela Tanner
Fullerton voter and community advocate, Moms Demand Action.

"Aditya Pai brings a fresh perspective to public service.

We have owned a small business in CA-45 for several years and need someone like Pai who understands the needs of small business to represent us in Congress!"

Ted & Rachel
Ted & Rachel, Fullerton voters and Artesia small business owners

"I reached out to Aditya Pai’s campaign a few weeks ago to ask about an issue that is important to me. I was pleasantly surprised when Aditya himself called to personally address the issue and to explain in detail how he felt and what he would do to help bring some solutions.  We had a long conversation regarding foreign policies as well as domestic issues. During the course of the conversation, it became clear to me that Mr. Pai is an articulate, passionate, caring, intelligent, and balanced individual who is able to look at all sides of an issue and put forward workable solutions that can help create a better community, not only for the CA-45th district, but for the nation and global communities as well. I believe Aditya Pai will be a huge asset for our district and I support his candidacy."

Tess A
Buena Park voter

"Aditya Pai is in tune with his community. He listens to cares and concerns showing he puts people first. He is willing to listen and learn about these concerns and this gives me hope for CA-45"

Daisy Bennett
Placentia resident and voter

"Aditya Pai comes from a different perspective.  As an “outsider” he breathes fresh air and hope at a time when the world seems to be falling apart. His dedication to constituent services makes me confident that he will be a real representative of the people."

Emil & Husna Ali
Cerritos residents and voters

"Aditya Pai has been a loyal public servant for his entire life, dedicating himself to advocating for those in need. He represents the best and brightest that CA-45 has to offer, and I’m confident that he’ll spend every second in Congress fighting to strengthen our community and others like it."

Kayhan Bakian
Rossmoor resident and voter

"Aditya Pai is a strong candidate for CA45.  He has a good educational background and experience to apply to the position and is always willing to listen and learn. He believes in helping people in our community and has done so already by assisting low-income residents with his legal experience and advice. I look forward to having him represent us as our leader in Congress."

Buena Park resident, voter, and Democratic activist