Affordable Housing and Homeownership

Reigniting homeownership dreams. Expanding housing supply, aiding new homeowners, and envisioning vibrant CA-45 communities.

The memories of moving to Southern California at the age of 8 are still vivid in my mind. My parents, with determination in their eyes, sought to provide a better life for our family, with homeownership being a critical step towards achieving the American Dream. As the years have passed, I’ve seen the landscape of our community change and the challenges of homeownership become ever steeper. Now, as I embark on this journey to represent CA-45, my mission is to make that dream accessible for every resident in our district.

The Current Housing Crisis

Over the years, north Orange County has seen exponential growth in property values. While this is a testament to our thriving community, it has also meant that many are priced out of homeownership. It’s a heart-wrenching reality when hardworking families, despite holding good-paying jobs, find the dream of owning a home slipping away.

A Comprehensive Strategy for Affordable Housing

Increasing Housing Supply: Through zoning reforms and incentivizing developers, we can create more housing units. By embracing mixed-use developments and repurposing underutilized lands, we can build homes without compromising the charm of our neighborhoods.

Subsidizing Mortgages for First-time Homebuyers: By offering tax incentives, grants, and low-interest loans, we can make homeownership a tangible dream for young families starting their journey.

Promoting Sustainable, Thriving Residential Neighborhoods

It's not just about creating houses but about cultivating communities. Ensuring that new housing developments are integrated with parks, schools, and essential amenities will be a priority.

Rent Control and Tenant Protection

While homeownership remains a dream, many of our residents rely on rented spaces. Implementing fair rent control measures and providing robust tenant protection can ensure everyone has a safe and stable place to call home.

Collaborative Solutions

Public-private partnerships can play a pivotal role. By fostering collaborations between local governments and private developers, we can fast-track the development of affordable housing units, maintain high-quality standards, and ensure that the interests of our community remain at the forefront.

Advocacy at the National Level

As your Representative, I won't just champion our cause in CA-45, but in the hallowed halls of Washington. I'll tirelessly advocate for federal funding and national programs that promote affordable housing, ensuring that our district receives the support it deserves.

The Vision Ahead

A home is more than just brick and mortar—it symbolizes security, stability, and hope. It's where families grow, memories are forged, and futures are built. Every resident in CA-45 deserves the chance to experience the joy and pride of homeownership. As we move forward, let’s work hand-in-hand to shape a community where affordable housing isn’t just a slogan, but a lived reality.

In service and dedication,