Fight to Protect Reproductive Rights

Championing women's choices. Pushing for Roe codification, safeguarding birth control, and investing in robust reproductive health services.

Growing up with a deep appreciation for the freedoms and opportunities that America provided to my family, I recognize the fundamental importance of personal choice and autonomy. As a trained attorney and dedicated public servant, I'm acutely aware of the deeply troubling pattern unfolding across our nation, eroding the reproductive rights of women. This is not just about politics; it's about the dignity, freedom, and health of every woman in our society.

Understanding the Current Landscape

Across the U.S., the very essence of a woman's right to choose is being systematically dismantled, not just in state legislatures but in the very corridors of Congress. These aren't just attacks on policy; they are attacks on personal autonomy, women's health, and the very foundations of our democratic values.

Codifying Roe v. Wade

The landmark decision in Roe v. Wade affirmed a woman's legal right to have an abortion, cementing her ability to make personal decisions about her own body. To protect this fundamental right, I commit to championing the codification of Roe. This will ensure that no matter the changes in our political landscape, the rights affirmed in Roe v. Wade stand unwavering and resilient.

Preserving Access to Birth Control

Birth control is an essential aspect of reproductive health, giving women control over their lives, futures, and well-being. It's not just about preventing unintended pregnancies; it's about health, economic stability, and freedom. I pledge to work tirelessly to ensure all women, regardless of income or location, have unhindered access to the birth control method of their choosing.

Funding and Supporting Women's Reproductive Health Programs

Women's reproductive health goes beyond the right to choose. It encompasses regular health check-ups, screenings, and access to information. I'm committed to funding and expanding programs that ensure women can access quality reproductive healthcare, irrespective of their economic background or where they reside.

A Legal and Political Strategy for Reproductive Rights

With the current climate threatening reproductive rights, we need a solid strategy on both legal and political fronts. As a Harvard-educated trial attorney, I have the expertise and determination to lead this fight. My approach involves:

  • Engaging and Collaborating: Working with leading advocacy groups and experts to understand the evolving challenges and devise tailored strategies.
  • Legislative Action: Introducing and supporting legislation that safeguards reproductive rights while challenging bills that threaten them.
  • Legal Advocacy: Collaborating with legal teams to challenge unconstitutional state and federal laws in court, and advocating for women's rights on every possible platform.

Reproductive Rights and CA-45

Every woman in North Orange County, Artesia, and Cerritos deserves full autonomy over her body and life choices. Our district is a mosaic of diverse backgrounds and beliefs, and it is crucial that each woman's personal decisions are respected and protected. As your representative, I will carry your stories, your hopes, and your concerns to Congress, ensuring that every voice is heard in this pivotal fight.

Together, We Can Safeguard Rights

Reproductive rights are human rights. Period. As your representative, I promise to stand on the frontlines, championing every woman's right to autonomy, healthcare, and choice. But this is a fight we must face together. Your stories, your activism, and your votes are the wind in the sails of this movement.

Service Before Politics, Choice Before Constraint

Our journey to protect and uphold reproductive rights won't be easy. But my life's experiences, from Bombay to CA-45, have taught me the power of persistence, the value of freedom, and the necessity of service. Together, let's ensure that every woman's right to choose remains unwavering and unequivocal.

With determination,