Support Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Strengthening small businesses. Reducing undue taxes, supporting local entrepreneurs, and ensuring OC's next generation thrives.

Growing up, my parents were my heroes. Watching my mom navigate the complexities of running a small business in Southern California taught me invaluable lessons about perseverance, grit, and the role of small businesses in shaping our communities. Through her journey, I witnessed the uneven playing field small businesses often face, especially when pitted against large corporations. Now, as I stand poised to serve CA-45, I'm committed to bridging this gap and championing the dreams of every small business owner and budding entrepreneur in our district.

Understanding the Disparity: Big Tech, Wall Street vs. Local Entrepreneurs

In our current system, it's evident: we overburden our small businesses with taxes and regulations while often allowing Wall Street giants and Big Tech firms to exploit loopholes and amass unchecked power. This is not merely an economic issue, but a matter of justice and fairness. If we are to champion equality and innovation, we must recalibrate this balance.

Empowering Local Innovation

Every great innovation story starts with a simple idea. By reducing unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles and providing targeted support, we can create an environment where local entrepreneurs can translate their visions into tangible businesses. This means streamlining the process of obtaining permits, providing grants for innovation hubs, and fostering partnerships between businesses and local educational institutions.

Supporting Small Business Owners

Tax Relief: We need to reform our tax structure, ensuring it's progressive and fair. Small businesses should not shoulder disproportionate burdens. I advocate for tax breaks and incentives that directly benefit our local business owners.

Access to Capital: I'll push for increased support for financial institutions that prioritize lending to small businesses, ensuring they have the necessary funds to grow and thrive.

Training and Resources: Partnering with local chambers of commerce and community colleges, we can offer workshops, seminars, and resources tailored to the needs of small businesses.

Creating a Flourishing, Job-rich Local Economy

It's a simple equation: when we empower small businesses, we create jobs, invigorate our local economy, and foster community growth. Policies I'll advocate for include:

  • Investing in Infrastructure: A robust infrastructure means better business. From roads to high-speed internet, our businesses deserve the best.
  • Promoting “Buy Local” Initiatives: Let's encourage our community to support its own, reinforcing the bond between residents and businesses.
  • Fostering Young Entrepreneurs: Through mentorship programs and school initiatives, we can instill entrepreneurial spirit in the next generation.

The Future of OC

North Orange County, Artesia, and Cerritos are home to a rich tapestry of cultures, dreams, and innovations. As we look to the future, it's essential that the next generation of OC natives—like myself—find a nurturing environment to start families, establish businesses, and contribute to the community's vibrancy. A thriving local economy, buoyed by flourishing small businesses, will be central to this vision.

A Pledge to Reshape the Landscape

Our small businesses are not just establishments; they're the embodiment of dreams, aspirations, and the indomitable spirit of our community. I vow to use my platform, influence, and determination to give these businesses the attention, respect, and support they deserve. Together, let's craft a brighter, more inclusive future for CA-45.

With unwavering dedication,